We are introducing Akita Japanese Language Supporters, who are registered with the AIA, to people who wish to study the Japanese language.

  • Those who wish to study Japanese language but cannot go to local Japanese language classes because it does not fit their schedule.
  • Those who are looking for a teacher to assist in studying for the Japanese Language Examination (Nihongo Kentei).
  • Those who are looking for someone to instruct employees in the Japanese language 

We are introducing supporters in response to the requests of people such as those listed above.


People whose requests may be accepted

  • People who live in Akita Prefecture
  • Municipalities or related institutions within Akita Prefecture
  • Organizations, businesses, etc. within Akita Prefecture that employ (or are planning to employ) foreign nationals

Process from request to introduction (for individuals)

  1. Submit an Akita Japanese Language Supporter Request Form (For Individuals) to the AIA.
  2. After confirming factors such as what you wish to learn, and when and where you wish to study, we will look for a teacher we think will fit your situation.
  3. Once we decide on a teacher, we will inform you through a phone call, email, or other means.
  4. Communicate with the teacher to decide details such as times and days for study, lesson fees, other necessary fees (for travel expenses, copies, textbooks, etc.), and any other important details.
  5. After the teacher is decided on, submit the questionnaire to the AIA.


Akita Japanese Language Supporter Request Form (For Individuals)  [PDF] [Word]

Akita Japanese Language Supporter Requester Questionnaire    [PDF] [Word]


Process from request to introduction (for organizations)

  1.  At least 2 months before the instruction you will request is needed, submit an Akita Japanese Language Supporter Request Form (For Organizations) to the AIA.
    *In the case you need a request expedited, contact us by phone.
  2. We will inform Akita Japanese Language Supporters of your required details, conditions, and so on, and recruit potential instructors.
  3. We will gather the information of the applicants, and inform the requester of the details.
    (In the case of multiple applicants, the requester must make a decision based on their own judgment)
  4. In the case there are no applicants, the various conditions will be rechecked, and we will try to match you with a supporter.
    *Be aware there may be cases where we are unable to find an instructor who matches your request.
  5. After the instructor is decided on, submit the questionnaire to the AIA.

     Akita Japanese Language Supporter Request Form (For Organizations)  [PDF] [Word]

     Akita Japanese Language Supporter Requester Questionnaire               [PDF] [Word]


Estimates of required costs to be paid for by the requester

Miscellaneous expenses (such as lesson fees, transportation fees, etc.) are the responsibility of the requester. Pay the supporter directly.
The requester and supporter should decide together the specific cost of various expenses.
The AIA cannot be involved at all in matters such as setting the amount of compensation or negotiating about compensation.

Rough standards for compensation:

Instruction for individuals At least ¥2000 per hour (for those with qualifications or relevant experiences)
Group instruction ¥3000-¥5000 per hour (for those with qualifications or relevant experiences)

*The above does not include money for travel expenses.
*Compensation numbers also change depending on factors such as the topics of study, the number of people receiving instruction, etc., so inform about the specific conditions first.

There are also conversation volunteers

For the benefit of those studying Japanese and those who wish to talk about various things in Japanese, there are also conversation volunteers (unpaid).
Anyone can apply. If you are interested, please look here.

Contact for applications

If you wish to be introduced to an Akita Japanese Language Supporter, send an introduction request form using the contact information below.

Atorion Build. 1F., Nakadori 2-3-8, Akita City,  
E-mail : aia@aiahome.or.jp