For those who wish to request for work from an AIA community supporter

If you would like to have something translated, or if you would like someone to talk about a foreign culture (in Japanese) with you, you can request to have an AIA community supporter (who is paid) dispatched to you.

Intended Requestors

Administrative organizations within Akita, academic institutions, public organizations, NGOs, NPOs, and others recognized by AIA.

Content that can be requested

We highly recommend that if you need translations or interpretations for business meetings and negotiations that require knowledge in a specific field of work that you consult a translation and interpretation agency instead.

Request guidelines


  1. Please have all AIA Community Supporter request forms filled out and brought to AIA one month prior to the date needed for dispatch. If you are in a rush, please contact us by phone.
  2. After AIA has checked and confirmed the conditions of the activity request, a supporter will be selected for dispatch.
  3. After a supporter has been selected, the supporter’s contact information will be relayed to the requestor.
  4. Be sure to contact the supporter directly to confirm details and conditions of the dispatch (such as compensation, travel fares, etc.). In order to prevent any incidents from occurring, be sure to give the supporter a paper copy of the conditions and clarify everything with the supporter ahead of time.
  5. After the activity is done, be sure to fill out the “After Event Survey” and return it to AIA.


AIA Community Supporter Request Form [PDF][WORD]
After Event Survey [PDF][WORD]

Charges the Requestor is Liable for

The requestor is liable for covering all expenses the supporter had for the event (travel, gratuity, etc.) and paying the supporter directly. Fees and fares should be decided with the person involved (the supporter). AIA does not mediate the discussion or costs and fares.

Standard Compensation Charges

Cultural Lesson

Interpretation Starting at 2000 per hour


(※Not including
revisions or

Pamphlets, flyers, etc. start at 3000 per page (A4, 400 char. limit)
Over the counter forms, etc. start at 2500 per form
Cultural Lesson Starting at 2000 per hour

* This does not include transportation costs.

Application Contact Information

For those interested in requesting an AIA community supporter, please submit your request forms to the following address.

〒010-0001 Akita-shi, Nakadori 2-3-8, Atorion Bldg. 1F, Akita International Association