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In order for all Foreign Nationals to be able to work and live their daily lives in safety and security, a Guidebook on Living and Working has been created and contains vital information. It is published in 15 languages.

Daily Life Support for Foreign Nationals Portal Site


Lazy foreigners guide to Akita

This is an "Akita sightseeing guide, written for international students, by international students", which has been prepared by the students of a Japanese language class at Akita International University.

Lazy foreigners guide to Akita


Mar Mar(まるまーる) Japan With Kids

Information that becomes necessary while raising children is presented in English and simple Japanese.

Mar Mar(まるまーる)


法テラス Japan Legal Support Center(HOUTERASU) ~When you are facing legal problems…

Want to consult with lawyer but I don’t know anyone and have no money..
If you have problems in regard to loan, divorce, labour, disaster and etc, please contact this number first.

-I want to divorce but don’t know what to do.
-I am having problems with landlord.
-I am having problems with my employment.
-I am having problems with my status of residence/visa.


Hours of operation: Weekday 9:00~17:00

※ Calling rates may charged by telecommunications provider.

※Anonymity guaranteed.

Multilingual Information Service

English  Tagalog  Spanish  Portuguese  Nepali  Vietnamese  


Human Rights Bureau (for Foreign Residents)

A multilingual hotline (Navi Dial) is available for consultation on your human rights.
・Your issue might related to human rights.
・Don't suffer alone, please talk with us.
・Find the best way to solve your problem together.


Weekdays(Excluding New Year's Eve/Day holidays)9:00~17:00