The Akita International Relations Network (Akita AIR net) is a construct that connects AIA with groups throughout the prefecture that work on international exchange, cooperation, and the synthesis of cultures. It is founded on exchanging information and working together with NGOs to promote internationalization in Akita.

Requirements for joining the network

  1. The group must continuously conduct activities in Akita.
  2. The group’s activities must be related to international exchange or cooperation.
  3. The group must have at least 5 people that attend/work for the group frequently.
  4. The group has a representative that can declare the group’s intentions, and is established on pursuing those goals.
  5. The group does not work for profit, or for the use of conveying political or religious beliefs.
  6. The group does must run on membership fees or other forms of independent funding.


If your group wishes to apply to the network, you must send a filled out application form and activities report (as listed below) to AIA via mail, fax, or e-mail. Furthermore, the contact information you write on your application form will be publically displayed on AIA’s website.

Akita AIR Net Application PDF/WORD
Akita AIR Net Activities Report PDF/WORD

Membership Fees



At the end of every fiscal year your group must submit an activities report to AIA. After you report has been received, your group will be re-registered for the next fiscal year.


When withdrawing from the network, please submit a formal withdrawal form. Also, if you fail to submit an activities report or your group is disbanded, then AIA will make the final judgment in running the procedure for withdrawal.

Withdrawal Form PDF/WORD

Other information

If you wish to post an event on the AIA website or Facebook page, be sure to carefully read and fill out the important points on the following form and send it to the e-mail below.

Homepage Event Post Application Form PDF/WORD

If something occurs where you need to take a recess from Akita AIR Net, please fill out the recess form below.

Recess Form PDF/WORD