Medical Care Information

Medical Institutions with Foreign Language Support

City/Town Name Clinic Name Phone Specialty Accomodating
Noshiro City Minami Dental Clinic 0185-52-8117 Dental English

Akita City

Ishida Kids Clinic 018-831-3012 Pediatrics, allergic diseases English
Goshono Hikari Clinic 018-829-8880 Internal medicine, cardiovascualar, dermatology, Chinese medicines Chinese
Matsuda Dentistry 018-863-2290 Dental Chinese
Yurihonjo City Saito Dental Clinic 0184-24-4182 Dental English
Nikaho City Nikaho Opthalmology 0184-44-8066 Opthalmology/Optometry Chinese


Multilingual Medical History Forms

For foreigners who do not understand Japanese, when you are sick or injured, a form has been created in your native language to relay your symptoms to your doctor. This multilingual form has medical terms translated with the Japanese version alongside each other language, so Japanese people living abroad may use this when receiving medical treatment. The form is available in 18 languages, featuring Chinese, Korean, Tagalog, English, Vietnamese, and Thai.

medical_questionnaire← Click here to access the form

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