Information Regarding the Akita Prefectural Multilingual Disaster Support Center

The Akita Prefectural Multilingual Disaster Support Center is a concept for a comprehensive establishment that provides reports in multiple languages and support for foreign nationals when a large-scale disaster occurs within the prefecture.

If a Disaster Response Base is established (such as when a degree 6 or above shindo seismic intensity earthquake occurs), a base will be established with cooperation from the prefecture at the AIA (Atorion Building 1st Floor) in order to gather information about damage and injury situations, to check if there are foreign nationals that are victims of the disaster or who are evacuating, as well as to perform other functions. However, if the AIA is affected by the disaster, the base will be established at a different location.

 In the event an Akita Prefectural Multilingual Disaster Support Center is established, disaster information will be posted as needed on this site and on the AIA Facebook page.



We are distributing disaster prevention goods to foreign nationals living in Akita Prefecture

At the AIA, we distribute disaster prevention goods for the purpose of preparing against disasters.

If you are a foreign national, a company who employs foreign nationals, or have family, friends, or other loved ones who are foreign nationals, inform the AIA of your needed goods, the required amount, languages, and address to be distributed to.


The goods being distributed are listed below.


   ① Help Card


   ② Disaster Prevention Towel
    (English, Chinese, and Korean version/Tagalog, Vietnamese, and Indonesian version)


   ③ Whistles with LED lights


   ④ FM Pocket Radios


   ⑤ Disaster Prevention Handbook for Foreign Nationals
    (Simple Japanese/English/Chinese/Korean/Tagalog/Vietnamese/Indonesian/Nepali)



   ⑥ Guidance Flyer for the Akita Prefectural Disaster Prevention Site


   ⑦ Foreign Nationals Consultation Q&A


  *Some items may have a limited stock.

Disaster Prevention Goods Download

〇Help Cards

English) Chinese)  Korean)


〇Disaster Prevention Handbook for Foreign National

Simple Japanese   English  Chinese  Korean

Tagalog   Vietnamese   Indonesian  Nepali

News Web Easy: News written in simple Japanese

This introduces how to take proper care when preparing for disasters.

News Web Easy

NHK World Japan

You can get information about earthquakes, tsunamis, and so on.

App  download

Japan Meteorological Agency

They publish meteorological information (weather/heavy rain/extreme temperature/etc.), as well as information about earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanoes, in 14 languages.

Japan Meteorological Agency Multilingual Page

Safety Tips: push notification application marketed towards foreign national travelers that transmits information in multiple languages

This is an application that uses push notifications to transmit information provided by the Japan Meteorological Agency, including emergency earthquake alerts, tsunami warnings, and more.


 Application download

For Android

For iPhone