Akita International Festival

The Akita International Festival is an annual event where international exchange organizations showcase their activities, and also an event for foreigners living within the prefecture to talk about and showcase their home countries. The goal of the festival is to get a large amount of Akita’s citizens to interact with foreign residents, get a feel between both cultures, and deepen the understanding of international exchange, cooperation, and synthesis of various cultures.

On September 26 (2015), the 27th annual “2015 Akita International Festival” was held at the Aktia Aeon Mall. Including participants from various countries, approximately 6000 people attended the event.

There were many brilliant on-stage performances, such as dances and songs from China, Pakistan, the Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia, which dazzled audiences. There were also over 20 different countries hosting “World Booths”, where each country was introduced, and children or adults could participate in a quiz contest for fabulous snack prizes.

A look into the 2015 Akita International Festival

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