About the AIA Community Supporter/Volunteer System

Akita International Association (AIA) is looking to recruit and dispatch volunteers. Please check out each page for further information.

AIA Community Supporter (Registration)

We are looking for people who can help make their area an easier place to live by providing translation and interpretation support for foreigners, talking about the cultures of foreign countries, and by being well versed with knowledge on various societies. If you want to make the best use of your language skills, or if you really want to talk about you cultural knowledge, then this is the work for you!

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AIA Community Supporter (Request for dispatch)

Would you like to have fun learning about other cultures through cuisine, quizzes, and games? We can dispatch one of our culturally versed AIA community supporters to you! If you want a foreign translation, or just someone to teach you about foreign culture, feel free to ask us any time.

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AIA Host Family Volunteer (Registration)

The host family program is designed for students studying abroad at any of Akita’s universities and wish to freely interact with a local family. Our mission is for students and families to deepen their understanding of the differences between their cultures by connecting with each other.

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Other AIA Volunteers (Registration) [conversation/events related]

(Conversation volunteer) This program is a Japanese practice support system for foreign residents who want to improve their Japanese through conversation. Because you partner will be focused on studying Japanese, no foreign language ability is required.
(Event volunteer) Come help us setup and run events hosted by AIA.

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