What does an AIA community supporter do?

With a volunteer sprit and participate in activities of interpretation, translation, cultural introduction sharing and etc., to create a comfortable living environment for both Japanese and foreigner residents. Volunteer will be remunerated accordingly.

Sample of activities:

・To support non-Japanese speaking foreigners to submit application for services that provided by government.
・To support foreigners when disaster such as earthquake, flood occurs. ( Volunteers might receive no remuneration when participating in supporting work in disaster.)

[Cultural Introduction]
・Introduce the culture of your home country to students or people in community center.

Who can be an AIA community supporter?

  • Over 20 years old
  • No prejudice or discrimination
  • Can work with a volunteer spirit
  • Able to access to venue by themselves
  • Have motivation and ambition in learning the language skills, or, able to introduce foreign cultures in Japanese

Registration Form [PDF],[WORD]  Specimen Here

Please read the message "『AIAコミュニティサポーター』登録を希望する皆さんへ"(in Japanese)" before fill out the form.

How does it work?

  1. Register to be an AIA community supporter (The registration will be completed after you submit the application to AIA).
  2. When there is appropriate activity for you, AIA will contact you and ask if you are also interested in it. Please confirm the activity details, date and time, and other conditions. Please accept our request if you think you can take the responsibility to participate in the activity.
  3. AIA will pass your contact information to the event planner, then he/she will contact you directly. Please double confirm the activity details, condition etc. again with the planner.
  4. Briefing might be held between the activity planner and the supporter.
  5. Participate in the activity
  6. Please inform AIA after the activity is finished.

* Please note that not all the registered supporters will receive the activity request.

When can I register?

Registration is open throughout the year.