For those that wish to become an AIA community supporter

 What does an AIA community supporter do?


Community supporters are paid volunteers who have the will and spirit to help Japanese and foreign residents live together through interpretation, translation, and the education of foreign cultures.


For example:

・Support for those who cannot read or write Japanese, and are trying utilize services within their town or city.
・Support for foreign residents during times of disaster, such as earthquakes or floods (in times of disaster, volunteers can be requested free of charge)

[Cultural Showcase]
・Presentations of a native’s home country at schools or community centers.


Who can be an AIA community supporter?


  • You must be at least 20 years of age
  • Hold no prejudice or feelings of discrimination
  • Have a volunteer mindset when involved in activities
  • Able to transport yourself to requested locations
  • Are driven to or have the goal of studying languages. If not, then are able to talk about foreign cultures in Japanese.

Registration Form [PDF],[WORD   Example Here

Before filling out an application, be sure to read the PDF "For those wishing to become an AIA community supporter'"

How does it work?


  1. Register to become an AIA community supporter (once you have submitted your application form, you are done registering).
  2. AIA will contact you to find out what kinds of activities you would like to do. Be sure to check the contents of the activity, the date and time, requirements for the event. If you feel suitable for it, you can take it up.
  3. AIA will contact the requestor of the activity with your name and information. When the requestor has contacted you, be sure to go over the activity details again together.
  4. A meeting will be arranged with your requestor prior to the event (in some cases, this does not occur).
  5. Do the activity
  6. If the activity is finished with no problems, be sure to contact AIA when you are finished.

* Not all volunteers receive requests.

When can I register?

Registration is open throughout the year.