2014/05/12 「外国につながる子どもの日本語学習支援者研修」を開催します
2014/03/04 Living information for foreign residents magazine No. 11 was issued
2013/12/05 国際交流クリスマスパーティーを開催します!
2013/11/21 The latest newsletter for foreign residentsliving in Akita has been issued
2013/11/12 文化紹介サポーター研修会について
2013/11/11 平成24年度多文化共生推進員配置事業について
2013/11/11 Information of HAIYAN DISASTER (Typhoon 30th)
2013/11/01 多文化共生社会推進フォーラムのお知らせ
2013/10/25 Multilanguage disaster prevention video Earthquake! What to Do When One Hits? (2nd edition) with subtitles in Japanese, Chinese (simplified), English, Korean, Indonesian, Taiwanese (unsimplified), Tagalog, Nepalese, Vietnamese, Bengali, Portuguese, and Mongolian (vertical script & Cyrillic characters)
2013/10/19 Success in international festivals 2013 Akita has successfully ended.
2013/10/04 Vol. 1: Akita Prefecture elementary school English speech contest was held.
2013/09/05 Held language lounge sponsored by the AIA, Korea Edition! Up to ( 9 / 19-11 / 28
2013/09/05 A character bento lecture (at Akita city)
2013/08/07 【For foreign residents in Akita】"ごはん の べんきょう”@ Akita
2013/07/12 Let's talk in English!! with Leigh Bennett
2013/07/12 Looking for applications who introduce foreign culture in booth exhibition at Akita International Festival 2013!
2013/07/10 Start of the immigration Bureau's Electronic Notification System from June 24,2013
2013/07/10 The latest newsletter for foreign residentsliving in Akita has been issued
2013/07/10 A recruitment of people who join the parade on Kanto Festival
2013/07/04 Lunchtime with Rebecca(後期)開催のお知らせ


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