2013/09/05 A character bento lecture (at Akita city)
2013/08/07 【For foreign residents in Akita】"ごはん の べんきょう”@ Akita
2013/07/12 Let's talk in English!! with Leigh Bennett
2013/07/12 Looking for applications who introduce foreign culture in booth exhibition at Akita International Festival 2013!
2013/07/10 Start of the immigration Bureau's Electronic Notification System from June 24,2013
2013/07/10 The latest newsletter for foreign residentsliving in Akita has been issued
2013/07/10 A recruitment of people who join the parade on Kanto Festival
2013/07/04 Lunchtime with Rebecca(後期)開催のお知らせ
2013/07/02 Latin music gig @ The Cat Walk, Akita-city
2013/07/01 Request for cooperation in Germany Passau city flood damage relief
2013/06/26 Announcement read aloud storybook is in English
2013/06/10 Akita international Sumo tournament 2013 ( @ Budokan, Akita-city )
2013/06/03 K FOOD WORLD FESTIVAL announcement (@Niigata Prefecture, Niigata City)
2013/05/28 Notice of English classroom ( Tuesday morning )
2013/05/28 Manor course announcement
2013/05/28 Announcement of international seminar ( @ 8 hachirōgata, )
2013/05/27 2 Russo-Japanese haiku contest announcement
2013/05/08 Invitation for a Tea Ceremony (free to join!)
2013/04/23 Houterasu (Japan Legal Support Center) Multilingual Information Service has started! (English, Tagalog, Spanish and Portuguese)
2013/04/12 The message board will be removed.


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