2017/02/21 Activity | "[Event] AIA intercultural exchang...
2017/01/16 AIA International Cafe "World Stories"
2016/11/15 AIA International Cafe " World Christmas Party "
2016/10/21 AIA International Cafe"Sweets Parlor ~We've found it! The delicacies of the world!~
2016/10/21 Introducing the 2016 Oveseas Trainees!
2016/09/23 AIA Community Supporter Training Session - An Earthquake "What if" Training Session
2016/08/19 Akita International Festival 2016 flyers and posters are ready!
2016/07/29 AIA International Cafe"Wear the World" Dress and Dance Party!
2016/07/16 Heisei 28 overseas technical trainees in Japan language training teacher recruitment
2016/07/15 Hold the 28th year of Heisei Japan Japanese learning supporter training
2016/07/04 2016 started the second round of AIA international activity grants
2016/07/04 Looking for applicants who introduce foreign culture in booth exhibition at Akita International Festival 2016!
2016/05/10 Agreements pertaining to the Akita Prefecture disaster multilingual support center established and operated
2016/02/08 Community interpreter skills training seminar held
2016/01/22 AIA Lecture "comedy duo Pakkun Makkun lol shot of international ' held
2015/12/22 "Multicultural symbiosis community planning-from the point of view of regional disaster-' training will be held at
2015/12/16 AIAInternational Cafe "What do you know about China?"
2015/11/21 AIA International Christmas Party
2015/10/16 AIA International Cafe "Amigos Do Brasil"
2015/10/14 「日本語学習支援者研修」を開催します


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