Submissions Theme

We are looking for submissions of photographs of multicultural coexistence, international exchange, and so on, from within the prefecture.

Submissions Period

August 10th, 2021 (Tuesday)-October 11th, 2021 (Monday)


Grand Prize: 1 person/20,000yen gift certificate useable across the country

Runner Ups: 5 people/10,000yen gift certificate useable across the country

 Submission Conditions

・1 person may make as many submissions as they like, but each person may only receive 1 prize.

・Only submit pictures showing people after receiving permission from those people.

・Both black and white and color pictures are acceptable. You may also submit old pictures.

・It is acceptable to process a picture to show scenery more beautifully, but do not sythesize pictures together.

・Submit JPEGs between 1 MB and 10 MB in size.
(It is acceptable to submit photos less than 1 MB, but they may be impossible to judge.)

・Results will only be announced to prize winners.

Submission Methods

① Submissions via email

In the email subject line, write "Akita International Exchange Photo Contest", and send an email with the photo attached.

※Photos submitted via email will be uploaded as contest entries to the AIA's public Instagram account.

※Write a small bit of information, such as when the photo was taken and a short description of the photo.

Submission email


② Submission via Instagram

Follow the Akita International Exchange Photo Contest public account (@aia_photo2021), and upload a photo with the aia_photo tag, and the #AkitaInternationalExchangePhotoContest hashtag.

※Write a small bit of information, such as when the photo was taken and a short description of the photo.

※Do not stop following the account even after submission.

※Photos submitted from accounts that are not public will not be judged.


Judging will be handled by the contest organizers.

Accouncement of Results

・Prize winners will be informed around the end of October. Furthermore, certificates are planned to be handed over in November, at the Akita International Association 30 Year Anniversary Ceremony planned to be held within Akita City.

・In the event someone who submitted via Instagram is selected to receive a prize, they will be informed via Instagram direct messaging.

・In the event someone who submitted via email is selected to receive a prize, they will be informed via the email address they used for submission.

・Those who are informed that they are to receive a prize must provide their name, address, and phone number within a specified time period. Those who do not provide this information by the designated date will become unable to receive their prize.


Leaflet download

Submission/Contact Information

Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Akita International Association
Zip code: 010-0001 Atorion Building 1st Floor, Nakadori 2-3-8, Akita City
Telephone: 018-893-5499 Fax: 018-825-2566

Important Points

・Akita International Association reserves the right to use submissions. They may be used in in various places, including but not limited to: informational magazines published by the AIA, the AIA homepage, Facebook, and Instagram. Submissions may still be used even if they are not awarded a prize.

・Submissions are limited to unpublished works created by the submitter. Works which are being submitted to other contests, or are planned to be submitted to other contests, cannot be used.

・Synthesized, combined, and similar such photos, as well as those which have undergone a great amount of processing, cannot be submitted.

・Items where a third party holds the rights or copyright, items that run contrary to public order, items that are profitable for certain individuals or groups, items that maliciously slander others, and other such items cannot be submitted.

・In the case there are any formal objections, claims of violated rights, or complaints for compensation of damages from a third party, the contest organizers cannot accept any responsibility, and the submitter must handle all matters, including any expenses.

・Any learned personal information will be used for matters such as informing about judging and results, and handling inquiries about submission. Personal information will not be used for any other purposes.

・When making submissions via Instagram, comply with Instagram's terms of use.

・Instagram does not support, endorse, manage, and is not otherwise involved in this contest.