I.Promote a multicultural society

1. Support foreign national residents

  • Perform consultation
  • Operate the Consultation Center for Foreign Nationals
  • Support foreign nationals during time of disaster
  • Japanese language education support

2. Promote international understanding/Develop personnel

  • Operate the AIA Community Supporter system
  • Accept AIA visits/internships
  • Recruit/introduce for the Your Akita Family Program
  • Recruit/introduce Akita Japanese language supporters

II Energize the activities of community organizations, etc.

1. Develop/support community organizations

  • Promote the Akita International Community Organization’s Network
  • Pay AIA international activity subsidies
  • Support activities of overseas kenjin associations

III Offer international exchange information, opportunities, etc.

1. Provide international information

  • Transmit/share information using AIA homepage/social media/etc.
  • Make use of international exchange spaces
  • Run International Day
  • Run Akita International Festival 2024