International activities grants phase began recruiting up to (7/31)

(Public goods) to promote multicultural international exchanges, international cooperation, international understanding and in the Prefecture, Akita Prefecture International Exchange Association, subsidy to part of the project costs. We await your application we are planning the business.

1. The target audience for the grant?
Organization meets the following requirements
(1) private organizations main activities located in Akita Prefecture
(2) private organizations is needed to manage a group Constitution, etc.
2. The grant for business?
Business meets the following requirements, in
(1) planning and voluntary organisations, to perform international, international cooperation, international understanding, multicultural business, contributing to the internationalization of the region are
(2) untrained subsidies implemented by State or local governments
No (3) intended for commercial
(4) on political activities or religious activities are not
(0) raising money primarily to not
6 participate Akita Prefecture general business (workshops, courses, lectures, workshop, etc.)
* Not eligible business that brings together individual organisations do business
3. The amount of subsidy?
Is 80000 yen grant for expenses limit.
4. The grant for expenses?
Out of the total cost of subsidized following expenses.
(1) venue use fee required for implementation of the project (equipment rental on charges including)
(2) pertaining to teacher transport expenses, accommodation costs, honorarium
(3) office expenses, printing expenses, communication expenses, and supplies cost.
* For more information see subsidy-eligible costs summary table
5. The number of grants?
Same year per 1 Group 1 times.
Grant for the same project by the same group's limit is three times
6. The application period?

Recruitment period
The implementation period of the project
Recruitment period
4/1-3/31(Real business to end up 3/15)
Wanted 2 stage
8/1-3/31(Real business to end up 3/15)
Looking for 3 phase
11/1-3/31(Real business to end up 3/15)

7. Grant application processing flow
Consult with our Association           -Please feel free to consult claim drafting, business management methods.
Applications for grants           The recruiting periodSubmit grant proposalsPlease.
Applicant screening           -Business information submitted, reviewed accepted and whether or not in Committee.
[Grant money purpose and integrity] [The future] Of the lead: [Organization] [Validity of the budget] for the review.
-"S" If grant money decision notification in writing and will send.
• Internal audits of business and budget determine the amount of subsidy application as not.
-To cancel business or changing business procedures in place please.
Implementation of the project              The subsidy-eligible costsPrepare receipts and business photosPlease leave.
Submission of report           After the business principle.Performance report within 30 daysPlease.
Examination of the report           And based on the results of the business end, determine the subsidy amount, "confirmed grant money
 Alert "Please note writing. The enclosed "Grant money issued invoices"Please return.
Subsidies           And corporate bank account the credited grant.
Business publicity              -The subsidy business publishes in association publications, etc.
[Help] expenses not eligible for grants (for example)
(1) cost of operation of the applicant organization, applicant organizations internal costs (personnel costs, travel expenses, etc.)
(2) associated with the implementation of the business insurance premiums (volunteer insurance, travel insurance, etc.)
(3) food materials pertaining to cooking classes, etc.
(4) pertaining to the organizers and participants of gasoline and parking expenses
(5) variety of honorarium for participating companies and home
(6) supplies cost file toner and paper, etc.
* For more information see subsidy-eligible costs summary table
If the budget balance is no longer within our Association budget for subsidies, no period after registration.
* Prior to application, make sure "Guidelines for implementation of the AIA international activities grant money "Please read and submit an application.
Application form can be downloaded below.
Our Association Office also distributes.



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