AIA International Cafe "Amigos Do Brasil"

amigos do brasil

Amigos Do Brasil

Football, the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, or how about Bossa Nova?  How much do you know about Brazil, South America's largest country, located on the other side of the world from Japan. We will have Ms. Hisae Kobayashi, an Akita resident originally from São Paulo, Brazil, as a guest, and learn about Brazilian culture in an enjoyable way, such as through making sweets with peanuts and playing games.  After the game, you can enjoy conversation with others over a cup of tea/coffee and snacks from Brazil, such as Guaraná, Pururuca and Pão de queijo.  Please come and join us!


When: Saturday, November 21, 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Where: Multicultural Exchange Space, Akita International Association, Atrion 1st floor

30 participant limit.

Fee: 200 yen - Refreshments will be served.

How to apply: Please let us know your name, telephone number and number of participants by TEL/FAX/e-mail.


Akita International Association

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