2 elementary school English speech contest held at 11/22/2014 (Saturday).


2 elementary school English speech contest held guidelines
The purpose           -Have interest abroad in addition to children announced in the speech contest through, deepening cross-cultural understanding through their own experiences and learning
-Increase the interest in multicultural coexistence of visitors by listening to children's stories and opinions
Motivation uplifting for the strengthening of English children learn English at one end and a
Sponsored by           Akita Prefecture International Exchange Association
Re           11/22/2014 (Saturday)
               1Life ~ 3 year student 10:00-12:30
               Grade 4-6 years students 13:30-17:00
* Applicants may fluctuate for a time. For more information contact the contestants in the ruling
Location           Akinori buildingCollege Plaza Hall, 2F
               ( through in Akita city2-1-51 )
Contents           Speech time 3 minutes theme free ( saw the script, while alsoOK )
Recruiting students        Elementary school 115 years to 3 years students
                                 4 years to 6 years 25 students
                       * If the number of applicants by draw determines contestants
Recruitment period           1/2014--9/5 (Friday)
How to review           English power, expressiveness and organizer
Awards           Winner, runner-up and third place award
Participation prize will be awarded to all participants
Cost of participation           Free
How to apply           E-mailOr FAX.
Notes            English Department in the Prefecture, etc. not sent separately.
[Contact us] public foundation for Akita Prefecture International Exchange Association contact: takeishi
010-0001 Akita city, 2-3-8 atorian 1F
TEL:018-893-5499 FAX:018-825-2566


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