The Akita International Festival hopes to deepen Akita residents’ understandings of international cooperation, cross-cultural exchange, and multiculturalism. The event  takes place annually, and consists of booths that introduce Akita’s several international organizations and their activities, as well as booths that showcase various cultures around the world, with some of our international residents introducing their respective home countries.

Date and Time: Monday, September 16th, 10:00 ~ 16:00

Venue: Akita City, Nigiwai Koryukan AU (Citizens' Interaction Building)

Attendees: 2,597 people

Flyer: Akita International Festival 2019 Flyer

Field Report: The 31st International Festival took place this year in the new venue, the Nigiwai Koryukan AU. The day of the event was blessed with good weather, and lots of guests were in attendance. Guests participated in the always popular quiz rally, and the event received plenty of positive comments about how fun it was experiencing cultural exchange at each booth. There were many first-time participant world booths this year from countries such as Hungary, Denmark, and Australia, with people presenting both the activities of International Exchange Groups, as well as international residents presenting their home cultures. The sight of these individuals enjoying the quizzes and cultural exchange with the guests was a pleasant one to behold. Beyond that, the venue was further enlivened by stage performances, such as those by Omagari Agricultural High School's Local Performing Arts Club. There were also songs and dances from various countries, including a Nepalese dance, an African chorus, and a Vietnamese bamboo dance. All festival participants and guests were able to enjoy themselves to the upmost.