Akita International Association (AIA) is managing the operation of recruiting and sending different supporters as bellowed. Please check the relevant page for details.

AIA Community Supporter (Registration)

In order to create a comfortable environment for people in different cultures, we are recruiting supporters who can assist foreign residents for interpretation and translation, or share and introduce their culture. If you want to make use of your language skills, or introducing the culture of your country, please join us and register as a supporter.

Register as an AIA Community Supporter Here

AIA Community Supporter (Request for supporter)

Do you want to learn foreign culture in a interesting way likes cooking, quiz or game?

AIA can send the community supporters to your organization for culture sharing from different countries.
Please feel free to contact us if you are seeking for assistant for translating document, or hoping to learn more about foreign culture.

Request for an AIA Community Supporter Here

AIA Host Family Volunteer (Registration)

The host family program is designed for local residents and university students who are studying in Akita to have the opportunity to communicate and exchange their culture, get along as one of the family member. The aim of this program is to enhance the understanding towards different cultures for both students and host family through their communication.

Register as an AIA Host Family Volunteer Here

Other AIA Volunteers (Registration) <Chatting・Event>

[Chatting Volunteer] This is a Japanese learning support program. Register as a "Chatting partner" to chat with foreigners who want to strengthen their Japanese level. As those foreigners are learning Japanese, as long as you are a Japanese speaker, no other skills is required.

[Event Volunteer] To assist our team to operate and manage events held by AIA.

Register as an volunteer Here

Akita Japanese Language Supporter (Registration)

Please register as an "Akita Japanese Language Supporter" if you are willing to, or, interested in teaching Japanese for foreigners. No experience and certificate is required, please register if you are interested in this program.

Register as an Akita Japanese Language Supporter here