Japanese Chatting (Japanese language learning support)

Anyone who is studying Japanese or want to speak Japanese, they can join this program. Our Japanese volunteers are happy to chat with you.

Japanese Chatting leaflet

Akita Family (Host Family Program)

This program is provides for foreign students who are studying in university or vocational school in Akita prefecture. You can experience the Japanese living style and culture through the communication with AIA host family volunteers.

Akita Family Program leaflet



Japanese Chatting (Japanese language learning support)

-Living in Akita
-Want to improve their Japanese level
-Having a mobile phone

Akita Family (Host Family Program)

- Foreign students who are studying in university or vocational school in Akita prefecture
- Covered by Japanese Health Insurance or other private health insurance
- Interact and communicate with the host family actively
- Having a mobile phone
- Able to get to the host family’s location or the nearest station independently

Your Akita Family Handbook

Application Procedures

  1. Complete the application form and bring it to AIA in person.
  2. AIA will match and contact the volunteer for you.
  3. If the volunteer accepts the invitation, we will inform the applicant (you) the contact details of the volunteer.
  4. The applicant (you) contact to the volunteer and start the activity.

*The first time of "Japanese Chatting" must be held in AIA.

Application Form

Application Form for Japanese Chatting(In English and Japanese) [PDF],  [WORD]
Application Form for Akita Family Program(In English and Japanese) [PDF], [WORD

Application Period


Where to Apply

To apply the program, please submit the application form to AIA's office in person.

Address: 〒010-0001  1/F Atorion Bldg., 2-3-8 Nakadori, Akita City.
Email : aia@aiahome.or.jp