Promotion of multicultural society I

1. support for foreign residents

  • Consultation responses
  • Foreigner consultation Center 
  • Foreign disaster assistance 
  • Japan language education 

2. promotion of international understanding and human resource development

  • AIA community supporter Bank management
  • AIA received
  • The Akita family recruitment

Activity of II private organizations, etc.

1. private sector development and support

  • Promotion of Akita international activities private affiliate network
  • AIA international activities subsidy
  • Of the Overseas Association auxiliary

III international information and opportunities

1. provision of international information

  • Homepage, Facebook, etc. with information dissemination and sharing
  • Use of intercultural exchange space
  • Akita International Festival 2017 event

2. friendly exchanges with foreign countries 

  • Russia maritime district youth exchange program
  • Other international exchange programs with foreign regions.