At the request from the Akita prefectural Odate international information Academy junior high school within a school, culture introduced by AIA supporters.

On this day from left in photo Deuteronomy President-elect Tin Mr. ( Korea ), SATO ピエダ, I ( Colombia ), Hisae Kobayashi ( Brazil ), Ito miyafuji hua (China) only, and the native culture is nice.

While at school every day at lunch time conversation time, or by students would be Japan dance, Taiko, Mikoto, pieces, tea ceremony, flower arrangement, shogi, go, to tackle the tradition culture of Japan to know firsthand, including Japan and the world and a bridge have been working, partly due to its achievements, or even to this day many students AIA supporters and actively communication had been promoted.

Has used AIA supporters every year in the school, but has fun, AIA to be opportunities please call next year and beyond.