We will hold specialist consultation meetings for the benefit of foreign residents!

I want to know more about the conditions that need to be met, documents that need to be submitted, and so on, for permanent residency.
I want to consult about inheritance for the assets my Japanese husband left behind... you can consult with specialists such as lawyers and administrative scriveners regarding various kinds of matters that might be troubling you, including the above.

The consultation and interpretation are free of charge.

Organizer The Support Center for Foreign Nationals
(Akita International Association)
Cooperating Organizations Akita Bar Association, Akita Administrative Scriveners Association
Date and time Saturday, May 20th, 2023, 10:00-16:00
Place Atorion Building 1st Floor, Akita International Association
(Nakadori 2-3-8, Akita City)
Contents Face to face consultation, about 60 minutes per person
(a reservation is necessary)
Available languages Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Tagalog, Vietnamese
(The Support Center for Foreign Nationals will provide interpretation services)
Application method

Tell us the following information using either email or the application form.

1.Name 2.Municipality where you live 3.What you wish to consult about
4.The required language if you wish for an interpreter 5.Phone number 6.Email address

Application Deadline is May 13th.



Applications/questions Public Interest Incorporated Foundation, Akita International Association

Telephone: 018-884-7050
Fax: 018-825-2566
Email: soudan21@aiahome.or.jp