Association for musical exchange between Akita and Hungary

Name of representative

Mariko Miura ( Miura Mari this )

Office personnel

Saruta Midori More than I Midori) 




Meitoku-Cho 2-26 Akita Wayo Women's high school saruta Midori immediately to the Akita Senshu 


018-833-1353 (Japanese and Western high school) 


018-833-1342 (Japanese and Western high school) 

Mobile phone



midori_barbara(at) Sarutahiko Midori ), hitomiyamaya(at) mountain valleys, Tomiko ) * (at) the @ to replace. 


Purpose of establishment

Hungary music program in the Akita Prefecture International Exchange Association sponsored by the 0/2002 3 times in 3 years was implemented (sending two times, invited 1). Able to be thought-provoking, instructor program, said Graf, ジュジャンナ teacher from about the importance of the beauty of music and music education once again thought-provoking guidance. Each participant in the result is moved to practice.For further development without having to waste this music program objectives, the improvement in Akita Prefecture art and culture and human resources development as 0/2005 Hungary music program participants is the main, launched the Association of Akita and Hungary Music Exchange with.

Date of establishment


The number of members


Membership dues

1,500 yen per year

Activity frequency

From time to time


Association for musical exchange between Akita and Hungary than ( occasional )